Marshall Sinclaire - noth​(​K​)​ing (Album/Audio)

Marshall Sinclaire – noth​(​K​)​ing (Album/Audio)

Oklahoma based emcee Marshall Sinclaire drops his debut album, noth​(​K​)​ing

Marshall Sinclaire is a proud native of Tulsa, and with the Hip Hop bravado we have come to expect from talented upstarts like himself, he is looking to put his city on the map.

“A lot of people have never heard anyone from Oklahoma rap before” he asserts. “I want to make it known that there are real emcees from here. People with something to say”.

After a few mixtapes went into circulation, Sinclaire found himself in the position to record his proper debut, noth(K)ing, an album he considers a clear and concise statement from an artist who plays to his strengths.

“ noth(K)ing is defined as someone that gets caught up in either celebrating things that don’t really matter, or praising worthy causes, but doing it for ‘Likes’. I’ve been guilty of this several times, so it’s a reminder to myself not to become the ‘King of Nothing’ ”.

Sinclaire takes a literary approach to his songwriting, with a connection to what he considers the ‘Heyday of lyricism’ in the genre.