The Yards (100 MC's Tape​)​ - Side A (Prod. by Dray Yard/Audio)

The Yards (100 MC’s Tape​)​ – Side A (Prod. by Dray Yard/Audio)

Dray Yard drops his new album THE YARDS (100 MC’S TAPE)

Check out the new ambitious project from Dray Yard, producer out of Brest, Belarus, called ‘The Yards (100 MC’s Tape)’. It features 100 MC’s, every track is one MC, one verse.

The project will be released in 4 parts: Side A, Side B, Side C, Side D. Every volume is 25 MC’s deep, 45 minutes long (just like a cassette tape side).

‘The Yards (100 Mc’s Tape)’ Tracklist:
1. No Play (feat. Grecaman of 67 Mob)
2. Call The MF 911 (feat. ROQ Z)
3. Bars On The Yard (feat. J. ManifestO)
4. After The Storm (feat. Hemanifezt)
5. Word Chemistry (feat. WordChemist)
6. Best Kept Secret (feat. Senica Da Misfit)
7. I Am (feat. Matt Fingaz)
8. No Gimmicks (feat. Bill Biggz)
9. No One Can Do It Better (feat. Stess The Emcee)
10. Live From NY (feat. LEX)
11. Boogie Down 2 Belarus (feat. Dubble Up)
12. Hard Shit (feat. Awaxx of The Rhythm Writers)
13. Kritikal Barz (feat. Koncreat)
14. No Time (feat. Teef)
15. Fada Vex’ed (feat. Fada Vex)
16. Str8 Outta Compton (feat. URG7)
17. No Mistake (feat. Phizz Ed)
18. Heaven’s Legend (feat. Armageddon Miyers)
19. Beats 4 Breakfast (feat. Jakarri of The Runway Boyz)
20. Remarkable Speaking (feat. ESQ)
21. Your Own Master (feat. Mic Crenshaw)
22. Mental Disorda (feat. Rome978)
23. Live From Marsachusetts (feat. Mars Jptr)
24. La Plaga Representa (feat. Taab Frio)
25. Noble Warrior (feat. Zagnif Nori)