DeeWain - Sense Of Entitlement #SOE 🎈(Music Video)

DeeWain – Sense Of Entitlement #SOE 🎈(Music Video/Mixtape)

DeeWain gives a toast to the doubters and non-believers on his mixtape SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT #SOE

Anyone who has doubted DeeWain in the past is made to apologies by his new mixtape ‘Sense of Entitlement #SoE’. DeeWain believes that everyone is entitled to be successful in life. His mixtape encourages people to realise their own potential by focusing on their goals instead of negative, often unsolicited input from others. It encourages continued enjoyment of life in defiance of these opinions. This message is conveyed through a mixture of party Hip Hop and smooth RnB, on 10 tracks which are about to move to the top of your favorite club’s playlist.

People’s anthem ‘#SoE’ headlines this mixtape and celebrates life with a bass that will turn any party into a festival. On ‘Bounce’, DeeWain declares that he will ‘have hits until the end’ of his career, which is blatantly obvious to everybody listening to this fantastic track, which asks fans to ‘believe in yourself, know your wealth’ and always seek to achieve. Lyrics on the spoken word outro ‘Stone’s Outro featuring Henry Stone such as ‘time and again I’m igniting my pen,’ are supported by poignant and detailed social commentary on the mixtape’s fifth track ‘The n Word.’ Away from this lyrical fire, chilled, classic vibes find their way onto the mixtape through ‘90s RnB featuring Priya which mixes magnificent vocals with memorable production and DeeWain’s unique flow to create yet another hit record. Sick of hearing poor quality RnB on the radio, DeeWain made this track to retrieve the unforgettable sound which made RnB so irresistible in the 90’s.

Check out the ‘SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT #SOE’ below: