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Soul Khan ft. Dom O Briggs & F Virtue – Stop Hitting Yourself (Prod. by Illingsworth/Audio/Free Download)

Check out the latest offering from the Brown Bag AllStars member/emcee Soul Khan, ‘Stop Hitting Yourself’ featuring Dom O Briggs & F Virtue with production from Illingsworth. http://soulkhan.com/ https://twitter.com/soulkhan https://twitter.com/ILLingsworth https://twitter.com/Dom_O_Briggs https://twitter.com/famelessvirtue https://twitter.com/brownbagallstar

The Audible Doctor ft. Davenport Grimes – Incarcerated Stargazers (Prod. by The Audible Doctor/Audio)

The Audible Doctor just dropped a new track off his upcoming EP, #TheFallTape.It features Davenport Grimes on the hook and was produced by The Audible Doctor. http://audibledoctor.com/ www.facebook.com/audibledoctor/ https://twitter.com/audibledoctor https://soundcloud.com/audibledoctor www.facebook.com/davenportgrimes/ https://twitter.com/DavenportGrimes