Stinky Socks Summer ’15 Lookbook

Stinky Socks would like to introduce you our Summer ’15 lookbook video. The video present five of our summer designs in situations that we somehow miss as part of the modern society.

It’s all about those simple pleasures that make those days really unforgettable. They just want to inspire those people and to let them know that Stinky could be part of their adventures without any over promising statements.

For the simple pleasure of our lives –Stinky Socks Summer ’15 Lookbook

Stinky Socks was created towards the end of 2011 in Bulgaria. It is supported by some of the most dedicated, up-and-coming snowboarders and skateboarders of our time. Three years ago Stinky launched their unique crew program, featuring a group of people that is completely dedicated and devoted to snowboarding like the brand. Some of the crews involved were Yawgoons, Gremlinz, Strange Brew, Trash League and Ninja Squad.