Uprise Audio – Seven Days EP (UA012/ W/ Seven, Feonix, Ill Chill, LSN + More)

Uprise Audio – Seven Days EP (UA012/ W/ Seven, Feonix, Ill Chill, LSN + More)

The firmly established Uprise Audio imprint is back, bringing dubstep culture what it has been waiting for: 7 fresh cuts that breath the refined UA experience and mentality. UA’s weeklong release schedule starts on 17th of August 2015, without any prior notice showcasing one track from all seven individual artists. Each day a track from the EP will be released exclusively via the UA web store to maintain anticipation and surprise.

Seven – Injection
Uprise Audio’s head honcho Seven premiers his sought-after track ‘Injection’ during the week’s release madness. It stings like a swarm of bees, scares away crows and spreads like a virus through the mind. Infectious growls converge with a confident bottom-end, which essentially form a tight pact that represent the progressive UA sound of 2015.

Feonix – West VIP
The reinterpretation of Feonix’ original cut ‘West’ (recently released on 12” wax) is a monstrous stepper full of comfy dub references and chest-rattling, sonorous power. The synergy of mysticism and tribal percussion instigates the raw vibe coming from Manchester’s phenomenon. With this VIP soon in every supporter’s possession, dance floors simply aren’t ready.

Ill Chill – Pure Filth
A thugged, grimy bassline quickly invades Ill Chill’s ‘Pure Filth’ stereo image, while his trashy lyrics add a bittersweet flavour on top. This hip-hop-esque stepper fits the inventive Uprise Audio back catalogue because the American vocalist spills a message on anyone taking it personal: a one-way ticket to eternal rest.

LSN – Kepler
‘Kepler’ is a highly anticipated cut finally seeing the light of day via the UA flagship. The damage inflicted by it is considered two-fold: loosing sight through mezmerizing vocals and haunted by cruel atmospherics that will make anyone inside the dubstep culture remember the LSN collective.

Indiji – Ancient Culture
After Indiji’s recent ‘Darknet’ outing and appearance on the ‘Live From The Future Extended Version’, London’s talented producer pushes a truly memorable cut named after ‘Ancient Culture’. It summons evil spirits, which normally are only found and experienced in secret societies or native cultures. Indiji hereby stays true to his title.

Juss B – Falling Out
Hollow structures enriched with unwrinkled textures rule Juss B’s ‘Falling Out’ affaire: a passionate tread of the first order. Its innocent rhythm, serene audial jungle, and enthralling vocal form the supportive spikes that make up this high-quality track that sends goose bumps down listeners’ spine effortlessly

Spec – Creeper
Spec fades into the ‘7 Days’ EP with spectacular half-step tactics, revealing a heavily modulated wobble that cuts newschooled corners. With only a few elements present in the mix, New Zealand’s Spec creates an ambiance that is best interpreted as nostalgic.

17th – 24th of August 2015 – Uprise Audio Store Exclusive
31st August – All other stores