Wolfpack – Knock ‘Em Down (Audio/Free Download)

Wolfpack – Knock ‘Em Down (Audio/Free Download)

What happens when you pit three rowdy, Canadian drinking Saskatchewan boys in a studio with distorted bass, hard rock guitars and 808 drums? They don’t fuck around, guaranteed. On what could be licensed as the blackout anthem of the year, Wolfpack returns this week with a vengeance.

Sprinkled with beer drinking anecdotes, and tales of bar hopping, drink spilling, live show adventures, Chuck and Mer prepare their listeners for what has now been coined within the crew as ‘Blackout Music’. Double fisting drinks, throwing back shots, pre-show blackouts. Never drunk as always.

A wild call and response style hook tops off Knock ‘Em Down, symbolic of two things. Booze and competition.

Whether it be drinks you line up, or their competition, Wolfpack is sure to knock ’em down…