L.S.D – Off The Grid (Album)

L.S.D – Off The Grid (Album)

L.S.D moved ‘off of the grid’ in musical terms when becoming disillusioned with the business side of Hip Hop. This decision came after a successful debut release which saw him collaborate with Gift of Gab (Blackalicious, U.S), Optamus (Downsyde, SBX, AU) and the track ‘Self Destruct’ included in Australian Hip Hop Supports CanTeen.

Deciding he’d stop for good this time L.S.D found it harder than he realised to kick the habit. You don’t just stop being Hip Hop. A chance meeting with Rob Shaker showcasing his neck snapping beats convinced him to return to writing again. Only now the priority was making music for himself and fun in general.

Without rushing or trying to put a specific release together during a four year hiatus, L.S.D realised he had amassed together enough tracks for an album. There is no hint of a ‘catered for audience’ or demographic, and no self-censorship. Having an album compiled of songs written over a four year period also provides a detailed insight into L.S.D’s journey, what took him ‘Off The Grid’ and why he’s now returned back from it.