Uprise Audio Presents: Juss B – Vain EP (UA013/25/10/15)

Uprise Audio Presents: Juss B – Vain EP (UA013/25/10/15)

After Uprise Audio’s successful ‘7 Days’ EP, the imprint is ready to unleash Juss B’s long-awaited, inaugural solo release. It gives off a West Coast feel that is weaved throughout the sound, featuring fellow American Ill Chill with his traditional, ice-cold vocal chords.
UA’s 13th release is scheduled for the 25th of September 2015, presenting fans 5 tracks that give voice to Juss B’s incredible taste in dubstep/bass music.

Title-track ‘Vain’ pushes the American’s authentic half-step tactics to a higher level: murky growls, new- schooled wobbles and a surreal vocal open UA013 with a blast. Juss B’s attention to detail bleeds on the cut’s dynamic structure over the course of just five minutes, shading elements with various complexions as they progress through time. With such aggressive opener, the producer intents to make a statement that nobody will forget easily.

With ‘Drop Dem’ listeners embark on a completely different journey through sound. Its smooth waves of booming bass and tedious vocal tones allow them to float freely on top of the esoteric soundscapes. All elements combined form a below-zero breeze that sneaks up from behind, building an intriguing setting only Juss B can provide. He intelligently introduces a mutating beat framework that maintains obscurity and insanity simultaneously – 100% Uprise Audio material.

Juss B’s ‘Low Rider’ is a laid-back stepper that teleports listeners to a dark place housing street rats, bass addicts and sound system thugs. Its authentic vibe infected by a spiralling Eastern melody invade the mind with abounding bass stratagem. It surfaces the North American’s ingenious vision on bass music, delivering high-grade textures that already play an important role in UA’s future bass catalogue.

A tuff collaboration with Ill Chill shuts down the producer’s ‘Vain’ EP, as It holds numbing lyrics and wicked beat obstacles. Together they pursue a chilled thrill that calls for commotion and rage: thorny percs, blunting knowledge and prolific bass weight rule this classic American production / instrumental. One listening carefully to ‘Zero Below’ (instrumental) realises it contains a great deal of wisdom and education – and therefore represents the perfect auxiliary for Uprise Audio’s UA013 turnout.

25th September 2015 – All stores