RedBaren 907 – New York (Prod. by Yusef Shafeeq/Free Download)

RedBaren 907 – New York (Prod. by Yusef Shafeeq/Free Download)

After teaming up with Homeboy Sandman on the track ‘Red Sand‘, RedBaren907 returns with another plate of soul food: ‘New York’, his solo debut from the album titled ‘Begin Again’ .

In the song Red is depicting life in the Streets of New York, while playing the role of a street narrator as a modern day Donald Goines, painting visuals of struggle and hope.

The beat, produced by Yusef Shafeeq, is filled with soulful horns and a lush sound to compliment Redbaren907’s sultry voice as he takes you on a journey through tales that are cynical and brutally honest with doses of hopefulness and optimism with a splash of serenity and street wise consciousness.

“Uncle flashbacked to when gats blasting/A navy seal reenacting Antwan Fisher chasing the eighties feel”.

Red speaks of the streets and avenues of Lower East Side Manhattan stating:

“To me my projects are pyramids/With crooked Pharaoh’s aiming arrows at relatives”.

RedBaren907 states: “When I created this song I wanted to tell a story and provide a visual. Story telling is important to me because evolution is the way of the king. To know your past is to know your present. Many songs today are about Worldly things with no depth, I want to bring that refreshing feeling back”.

Listen to the track and grab your free copy below: