TANIKA – F*CKBOY (Music Video/Free Download)

Tanika has just dropped the video for F*CKBOY, it’s set in Brixton her hometown, it’s incredible and uncomfortable at the same damn time and there’s not much more we can say than that to be honest.

In a few weeks she’ll be releasing the official video for ‘Out Ere’ featuring Stormzy which you can listen too HERE if you missed it.

Followed by a single featuring Wretch 32 and a further single featuring Chip. Both singles are taken from her upcoming release ‘I AM TANIKA’ which will be out later this year.

“I spent the last year in legal drama unable to put my music out and dealing with a real fuckboy so I wrote this song about it. My friends heard it and were like “yeah it’s cool but you’re being too pretty about it, you can be raw about it, just say it how you’d say it to us”, they knew I was feeling it deeper shit than I was letting off so I re-wrote it. Fuck it; let me express how I’m really feeling. “Everybody loves a fuckboy, but fuck them and fuck you I don’t want it no more” is me saying I don’t wanna entertain the bullshit anymore. They say when the world sees a smile your true friends see the truth in ya eyes and I guess my friends knew it was time for me to get more raw with it, because I had nothing left to lose. “Sat on his face now he’s not answering” was the rawest shit, but it’s the truth. When you think how you were so intimate with a man and then he’s acting like he’s too cute?! It’s like a brother gets amnesia. I had to point it out. I wanted Fuckboy to be the first thing that comes out so there are no surprises on the I AM TANIKA EP. I feel like an outlaw and I don’t have any rules but gods commandments. I’m not writing with any limits. And there’s no fairytales over here. The middle 8 of that song was me genuinely feeling a little sad, I’m in a cage and I’m waiting for someone to come out and represent us and I don’t see nobody. Nothing real. Girls who are in a position to sing and put music out just looking pretty on insta and shit releasing nothing, or something with no real message. Genuinely sad. Fuckboys shows the boldness and the growth in me as a young woman and as an artist. If you’re not a Fuckboy you should feel no way, moretime fuckboys know who they are, and if they’ve forgotten, or they’re feeling a bit brand new or anything, I don’t mind pointing them out, clearly”. – Tanika

Music video produced by Kaizen.
Directed by Jeaniq Amihyia & Joshua Mornix.