Bakery Boys ft. Locks Laser – Get Away (Music Video) + Holla At A Baker (Mixtape/25/10/2015)

Following the release of their recent single, ‘Get Away’ (1Xtra Track of the Week) Bakery Boys are back with their debut Mixtape ‘Holla at a Baker’ – an eclectic mix of commercial Hip Hop which showcases an impressive new UK talent.

“It’s an honest representation of where we’ve come from, where we are now, and where we’re headed,” says Dre. “There’s a fair few bangers on there” adds Ace.

“​F​rom smooth soulful sounds like ​‘Get Away’​​to upbeat tracks such as ‘​Lightwork’​​ and ‘​​​​Super Hero Music’​​​​. We’re really excited about putting this project out”.

Following a string of singles released over the last couple of years the boys felt it was time to create a body of work that people can sink their teeth into

“It can sometimes be difficult convey a sense of identity in just singles,” says Shack. “So far we have only shown snap shots of our music, this is going to take people on an actual journey and showcase who the Bakery Boys are as musicians, producers and creatives”.

Highlights include the anthemic new single, ‘Until The Day’ feat The Thirst, the powerful ‘Light Work’ featuring a sample from Tom Jones classic ‘I Who Have Nothing,’ and ‘Middle of the Night’ – a band favourite which embodies the hard work and determination they have endured to get to this point.

“It maintains an integrity and captures the emotion perfectly so much so that every time I hear it, it fuels me to keep going, and reminds why I work so hard” adds Shack.

Guest vocalists include singer Grainne O’Neil on ‘Blood Ties’ and ‘Hard Times’, and of course Locks Laser and Mensa Hart from The Thirst. Locks Laser is actually the brother of Shack and Ace, so collaborating with the acclaimed indie 4-piece was a natural step.

“We’ve literally grown up with the rest of The Thirst. We really proud of everything they’ve achieved, and needless to say we think they’re amazing, so it was only right to get them in, family and all that!” Says Ace.

There’s also an array of samples used throughout illustrating the boy’s eclectic musical tastes.

“We like to dig deeper and deeper to find stuff, especially the obscure or old school,” says Shack. “I’ve always got an ear out listening for ideas. Normally when I hear something that could work, it’s like an internal alarm that goes off and my brain starts to piece it all together like a jigsaw puzzle” says Dre.

Cue hours of endless listening going through back catalogues looking for rare samples. As well as the aforementioned Tom Jones hook, it’s the lesser known samples that really standout. Tracks like ‘Hardtimes’ sample lesser known soul singer Lenny Williams, ‘Super Hero Music’ samples an old school daytime TV show from the 70s and ‘Middle Of The Night’ uses 80’s legends Roxette – a variety of influences that help set Bakery Boys apart from other Hip Hop artists.

With all songwriting, production, visuals and artwork done by the boys themselves, they’re keen to keep control of all aspects of creativity – something they’ve orchestrated since their debut single ‘Hustlin Behaviour,’ (2011) which landed straight onto MTV Base, Flava, AKA and Capital Xtra. They followed this with ‘Up & Down Girl’ in 2012 finding fans at the likes of MTV Base who invited the boys down for a video interview on MTV’s ‘The Wrap Up’. MTV, Kiss, Flava, AKA and Massive RNB all added the video to their daytime TV playlists and the track made Sarah Jayne’s weekend anthems as it reached number 12 in MTV’s top 40. The boys were also invited down to the BBC for a live interview at 1xtra where the track was Number 2 on Ace & Vis’s fantastic 4.

Following this they released a remix of Coldplay’s ‘Paradise’ and another original – ‘Light Work’ in 2013, all the while perfecting their live shows, suppoting the likes of Big Sean & Labrinth, plus twice playing London’s iconic Wireless Festival. They’ve spent the last year working on new material, writing and recording the aforementioned mixtape, plus they’re also collaborating with The Thirst, for a joint EP tipped for release early next year.

Bakery Boys are brothers Shack & Ace Boogie and childhood friend Dirty Dre. Growing up together the boys all shared a love of music, thanks partly to Shack and Ace’s father being part of the legendary Soul II Soul.

“It was amazing to witness what they were doing” says Shack. “You can’t fully appreciate it as a child but it made us realise it was something we wanted to be part of, but in our own way. As time developed our creative desire to tell our story and express ourselves via music grew, especially as it complimented the other projects we were already involved in”.

These other projects included their own fashion line, Justin Hustlin (the fastest selling streetwear brand on ASOS in Nov/Dec 09) and their own social organisation Justinspire, which sees them mentoring and volunteering in their local community, a huge driving force behind a lot of what they do. With all three member heavily involved in the local community, having worked with organisations like Kids Company, Stockwell youth group, Young People Matter, and doing care work with Surrey County Council, starting their own organisation was a natural step.

“We’re self-taught individuals” says Dre. “Growing up I had lots of creative ideas, but no idea what to do with them. We want to plant seeds of inspiration, and to help provide the opportunity and guidance to kids to express themselves creatively and in business”.

“It’s something we believe in and are very passionate about,” adds Shack. “It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that we were young kids trying to find our way and it’s amazing what a little bit of guidance and presence can do. It can literally save lives. We believe in foot prints and legacy and that ultimately we all have a part to play in the foundation of the next generation”.