Maurice Daniel – Thirst Trap (Audio) + Hiding In Plain Sight EP

Refinement. Poetic Boom-Bap nuanced with fly elegance. For The Fly & Thee Enlightened. Born and raised in Hagerstown MD, in the middle of everything unexpected, one of the most lyrically inclined MC’s that you’ve never heard of raises his flag.

Elements of great flicks (like the character of the kid from that movie Fresh), layers of knowledge & literature, The 48 Laws of Power, The Alchemist, and every book ever written by Malcolm Gladwell all dwell within the soul of what seems to be the child Hip Hop doesn’t even know it birthed.

This is how Wu t-shirts end up standing behind podiums and how Nas’s army jacket from It Ain’t Hard To Tell is found in business schools around America. How the hood gets introduced to that fly shit. And how the world comes to see that there’s more to these rappers than meets the eye. The Fly & Thee Enlightened x TheGreaterGood…

‘Thirst Trap’ is the first single off Maryland Emcee Maurice Daniel’s new EP ‘Hiding in Plain Sight‘.

“The tale of a young man moved to action by ‘the trap’ and all it has to offer, explanations for why he chooses what he chooses, the enlightenment, and the possibilities that await…”