Kylan P – In A Minute (Audio/WoodYard ENT)

Written by Kylan P in 2012 while incarcerated awaiting trial, ‘In A Minute’ elaborates upon an unfortunate tragedy that took place in Clinch County, Georgia. With the end result being a conviction for Kylan P and a probation violation for his younger brother, both were sentenced and transported to a Georgia Department of Corrections facility. After hiring a new and more honorable lawyer to prepare for an appeal, Kylan P’s 5-year sentence was reversed, with him being immediately released to finish his time on probation.

‘In A Minute’ provides an intro dedicated to the betterment of Kylan P’s younger brother, while the outro of the song consists of a prayer that humbly asks for Gods support with watching over everyone that was affected by this tragic inconvenience. The body of the song is substantial as well, with a biblical experience, while speaking to his brother who was sent to one of the most violent prisons in the State of Georgia.

‘In A Minute’ is the first official single for Kylan P, who strives to inspire and motivate personnel in the struggle. With a sense of hope, and a legitimate grind, Kylan P and WoodYard ENT proudly introduce ‘In A Minute’ to the masses.