Young Spray ft. Giggs – Gangster For Certain (Music Video/Link Up TV)

Born in Dominica, Young Spray moved to London at the age of 6 years old. He has always had a love for music and it was in his late teens where his passion for it grew.

He now presents to you two new videos for his most recent work ‘Gangster For Certain’ ft. Giggs and ‘SHO‘. Both tracks deliver a different message with ‘SHO’ being a club anthem and ‘Gangster For Certain’ a street hit.

Young Spray and Giggs have worked on previous tracks such as ‘Grabbing up the graft’, ‘Ask and its done’ and ‘Badman’. However, this is their first video together which was shot by Link Up TV.

Young Sprays latest project ‘Invisible Tears’ will drop soon!