Dez Mensa – Way Too Drunk (18th Dec/Citadel Music Group) + CJ iDJ (Remix)

Introducing Dez Mensa, an exceptional R&B singer/songwriter who combines banging club beats and delicious soul vocals to create worldwide party anthems. Dez Mensa racked up over 6 million views for his electric Xfactor audition. As part of the group ‘The Risk’ he went on to perform in over 200 shows breaking the record for the most booked Xfactor act. Since the band went their separate ways, Dez Mensa has been tirelessly working on his solo material and his first offering, Way Too Drunk showcases his incredible vocals and talent for writing club & radio hits.

“Way Too Drunk is about one side of my personality. I am cheeky and outgoing around my closest friends but other times I am quite shy – until I’ve had a drink of course! Then the cheekiness is out whether I like it or not!!” – Dez Mensa.

Dez Mensa collaborated with Birmingham hit-maker, Dynamiks, to make the club anthem ‘Way Too Drunk’. It features the pure hedonistic line

“I’m way too drunk to care right now”

which all party crowds will be singing this Christmas!

Dez Mensa ‘Way Too Drunk’ is out on the 18th December 2015 (Citadel Music Group).

Catch Dez Mensa perform at Club Tropical Delights on 18th December 2015.