G Herbo – Peace of Mind (Music Video) + Ballin Like I’m Kobe (Deluxe-Edition/Mixtape)

After releasing his highly anticipated ‘Ballin Like I’m Kobe‘ mixtape, G Herbo is back with a new video from the mixtape. The video drop for ‘Peace of Mind’ coincides with the release of the Deluxe edition of the mixtape. ‘Ballin Like I’m Kobe Deluxe‘ comes with two new bonus tracks, ‘Countin’ 100s‘ and ‘Waitin’ for Nothin‘. Both bonus tracks are now available for streaming and on all digital retailers along with new Deluxe edition packaging.

19-year-old G Herbo hails from ‘Terror Town’ in the Eastside of Chicago, one of the most notorious crime-ridden areas in the country. This deadly and competitive environment has groomed him to become this generations next great voice for the voiceless. G Herbo has the life experience, lyrical dexterity, and the vocal inflection of someone far beyond his years. No one in the game paints a more vivid picture of young street life in America like G Herbo.