BLEUBIRD ft. Mister Belvedere + Pompano $lim – Fake Cats/Lauderdale Squad (Music Video)

Now that it’s 2016, Bleubird and company are back with a new clip for ‘Fake Cats/Lauderdale Squad’ to keep fans hyped for what’s to come.

The wavy double-feature video appropriately clocks in at 4:20 and features a,

“special appearance/blessing from the Papaya God of the Miami BA$$ Bermuda Triangle”,

Otto Von Schirach.

Soaked in neon lights and flashing with lo-fi, early-internet CGI, the video was shot and edited by the indelible Digital Cypher in and around Fort Lauderdale and also features verses from Mister Belvedere (who produced all of Lauderdale) and Pompano $lim (the man behind all the art direction).

Bleubird – Lauderdale (Album)