K.Burns – #YOLAvol1 (First 3 tracks/Free Download)

The #YOLASeries by K.Burns is collective of unreleased tracks from the Brooklyn Emcee/CEO on his latest favorite industry instrumentals.

When speaking with K.Burns he stated “The old NYC Mixtape Scene is the essence of where I come from and began as an artist, so it was always natural to jump on industry beats and make my own remixes… Its been 6 years or so since I have recorded or released any works of such, so this is #4MyGVNGXRZ”.. in reference to creating these recordings for his core supporters.

We give you a glimpse into the exclusive series released on Soundcloud with these first 3 tracks from #YOLAvol1, let’s see whats in store from the #YOLASeries & K.Burns.