Nick Pratt – 2damnhard (Prod. by Peoples/Music Video)

Since the late 80’s, the Hip Hop blood stream has been steadily injected with music and culture from this Southern realm. A regional resurgence in the early part of the millennium spawned a heat wave that would go on to warm the game for a while, so it’s only fitting that one of it’s own came out on fire.

Nicholas ‘Nick’ Pratt is no stranger to music, the stage, or commanding an audience. From ‘Funkytown’ Fort Worth, Texas, Nick grew up with a part-time DJ for a father, and found his way on any stage or in any choir that would have him. Crate digging and performing at an early age groomed Nick into learning music, genres, and more importantly his calling. While in fourth grade, freestyling entered the picture and a rhythmically appealing Three Six Mafia was the motivation. As the years went by, Nick progressed into battle rapping and ultimately recording songs, but this was no surprise if you heard him singing or rapping in the hallways at school. Music ran through his veins.

After a small stint in the now disbanded group, R2, Nick started to learn the business while preparing to attend the University of Pittsburgh. Once there, Nick teamed up with Barrett ‘Barry B’ Warden and the CSB took flight. Built from the grounds of Nick’s rapping and Barrett’s party promoting, it was a short amount of time before Nick started getting a buzz around the city of Pittsburgh. Nick started to perform all over the country alongside rap juggernauts such as Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Wale, and Casey Veggies to name a few.

Having been all over, he’s never forgotten what made him. With strong, Southern roots and the world in his palms, Nick Pratt is just getting started.