Benji Wild – Watch and Learn (Music Video)

Benji Wild – Watch and Learn (Music Video)

Filmed in the gritty backdrop of Cardiff’s Splott and Tremorfa neighborhoods, Benji Wild’s ‘Watch And Learn’ captures the essence of life in the city suburb. Focusing on the feeling of the grey days we are ever so familiar with in the UK, Benji takes you on a tour through the area he knows and calls home.

Looking to put Cardiff on the map with his solo project as much as he has with Astroid Boys, Benji is back with a statement of intent with this one.

“The song itself is aimed at the people I familiarise myself with and I hope that it makes us take notice of how grey our world can be and give us the hunger and drive that is needed to prosper and turn our lives from grey to bright yellow!“.

In a low-income area with many unable to see past the end of the estate boundaries, Benji takes to the streets in this release of realness to speak his mind and change the game. As the first release from his forthcoming project ‘A Wild Life Documentary’ EP the video for ‘Watch And Learn’, shot within a few hundred yards of Benji’s mothers house takes you on a journey through the neighborhood streets of Splott. With Benji dropping knowledge and statements of what’s to come over the choppy grimy beat, Benji’s bold and bashy lyrics pack a serious punch and let you know the 26 year old is back.

Off the back of a stint in prison, Benji is looking to turn his life around and push the positivity. ‘Watch and learn’ as the Astroid Boys MC takes you through his story and depicts life in inner city Cardiff.