JoJizzle – Better Dayz (Prod. by Ira Antelis/Audio)

Ira Antelis announces third installment of music series ‘Gone But No’ produced by engineer LPZ titled ‘LPZ Presents ‘Gone But Not’ inspired by Ira Antelis’. Major artist including Saba, JoJizzle, Joey Purple, Save Money, are some of the few names that will be apart of the project followed up by a single along with additional content that will be released soon.

The project is set to be released in March 2016 with more surprises to be announced. Off the current follow up of ‘Gone But Not//DUALITY‘, JoJizzle debuts ‘Better Dayz’ that takes us through his crazy day and how he’s tried to fix it and now dealing with the aftermath.

Taking a trip down memory lane, talented Chicago MC JoJizzle releases his latest single entitled ‘Better Dayz’. The smooth sounds of piano and snare snap in the background of the melodic tune as the artist tells a story of how he wishes we could go back in time and make this world a better place.

JoJizzle touches on the wins and losses of the past, the people we encounter in life who can make or break an experience, and the lessons life continues to teach us. This is the perfect song for a chill Spring/Summer night with great friends and good vibes.