Millennium Jazz Music Presents: The Jazz Jousters: Locations – England

It’s been a long and productive road but The Jazz Jousters have finally come to the end of our Locations series #1 with the 10th installment of the 10 part cassette and digital collection. Locations: England was fully released yesterday and the tapes are shipping out from the end of the week.

Due to the ‘location’ of MJM HQ, it was suggested by SmokedBeat that the group were all challenged to sample Jazz music from England for the finale. The project features music by Bones The Beat Head (GER), B3NBi (USA), Stay Classy (NED), Es-K (USA), SmokedBeat (CAN), Says Who? (NED), Charlie Mac (UK), B-Side (GER), Thovo (NED), Slone (FRA), Pawcut (GER) and Gadget (UK).

Locations: England also concludes the fourth season of the Jazz Jousters sessions. They’ll be back with season five shortly, but next on the agenda is the collective’s first official 12″ vinyl album entitled, ‘Endurance’ and also the Jousters 4th Birthday LP.

Limited Edition Cassette Tape