DJ Lord Ron – Preserving The Culture Mixtape #103 (Sounds That Inspire) Audio

DJ Lord Ron (born as Michael LaRon Stringer; December 2, 1962 in Los Angeles, California) is a DJ and record producer. DJ Lord Ron began his ‘DJ’ career playing Hip Hop dance music at inner city parties in the early-to-mid 1990s, and would become a key figure in breaking down the west coast, east coast barriers that have plagued the Hip-Hop community. Influenced by his predecessors in ways of scratching legendary DJ, Grandmaster Flash, and the showmanship of Jam Master Jay. DJ Lord Ron admits that while there is ‘nothing new under the sun’ with regards to Deejaying, as he keeps it simple with scratching, mixing and scratching, it is his unparalleled passion to the art form, that he infectiously brings to the table, be it through Deejaying or production,

“I listen with my own ears, and I am not concerned with other producers or what they do” DJ Lord Ron explains.

DJ Lord Ron is known for his understanding the importance of tailoring a beat around the style of the artist, and not the artist’s style around the beat, is what has allowed for the emergence of DJ Lord Ron’s rising star as a producer some might say, and this has been shown through his body of work, having produced for many artists, including Guru from the legendary rap group, Gang Starr, Big Shug, Krumbsnatcha Gang Starr Foundation, Lil Dap Gang Starr Foundation, Group Home Gang Starr Foundation, John Robinson aka Lil Sci, Akil The MC Formerly of Jurassic 5, C Rayz Walz, Wildelux & many others DJ Lord Ron has remained an active and vital part of Hip Hop aesthetics, as he ends with this;

“I really think it has nothing to do with the music, but just me sharing positive wisdom and knowledge from the many people that I’ve met through Hip Hop, be it on the streets, at a show or on the Internet. My aunt Linda always said that I was an old soul. If you come across anyone that knows me in Hip Hop, they will not have a bad thing to say about me, because of what I put out into the Universe, because I believe in karma, and that is how I live my life be it through music or from a personal stance”.

About the Mixtape:

“Preserving The Culture aka PTC, is a movement, created and sponsored by Hip Hop artist A-FS in 2010, who is originally from New Jersey but makes his home in Los Angeles.
A-FS reached out to DJ Lord Ron in 2011 about doing exclusive Mixtapes and the rest is history. There are 102, mixtapes made by DJ Lord Ron from 2011 to 2014, which can be found on
Now, after a two year break, DJ Lord Ron is back in the mix. The new PTC home is which starts with Mixtape #103. The aim and focus of PTC is to continue to break new music & spin the music that needs to be heard of various genres. Welcome and follow! ” – DJ Lord Ron