Ill Move Sporadic & Tenchoo – PANIC ROOM 9 (09th May/iTunes/12″Vinyl/Starch Records)

‘Panic Room 9’ is the latest release from Starch Records. A collaboration between hard-core beat making duo, Ill Move Sporadic and world renowned battle rapper Tenchoo.

‘Panic Room 9’ sees Ill Move Sporadic once again setting the beat bar high. The dynamic duo drops consistently original breaks throughout the record. These are matched by equally original sonic textures and heavy duty baselines, giving a nod to 90’s blue note drum and bass and Hip Hop from days gone by.

Tenchoo’s rap ability shines throughout the album, matching perfectly the sparse beats laid down for him. His firing and sometimes brutal vocals effortlessly tear through each track, solidifying his reputation as a world renowned heavy hitting lyricist.

Features on the album have purposely been kept to a minimum which allows the star of the show to shine through. That said, Jason Williamson, front man of Sleaford Mods, does make a punchy and fitting appearance on the standout track ‘who’s on the one’ defining this record as an original piece of British music.

Check out the first video from the ‘Panic Room 9’ by Tenchoo and Ill Move Sporadic entitled, ‘Chess Pieces’.

Also the 2nd officially leaked piece of music from yet to be released Ill Move Sporadic & Tenchoo album ‘Panic Room 9’. Sleaford Mods front man Jason Williamson makes a fitting an entirely unexpected guest appearance – providing the chorus and a verse – and is in fact the only feature on this cameo light integrity heavy release, ‘Panic Room 9’.

Panic Room 9‘ releases 09th May 2016 and will be available on limited edition 12” Vinyl, with full colour artwork. It will also be available from the usual digital stores.