Oliver Truffe – Chequered Flags (Prod. by Endemic Emerald/Audio)

Oliver Truffe is a London-based artist, whose passion for music was ignited when he began playing the piano at age 3. A natural musician, he went on to choose saxophone as his main instrument, and obtained a degree in music from Leeds, before moving into Hip Hop more seriously. He is now devoted to the application of intellect and creativity, not only to beats and melody, but to lyricism and conscious wordplay, and is fascinated by the challenge of holorime and multi-syllabic schemes.

“The track is all about winning and bettering yourself through any obstacles you might encounter. The idea is about being involved in the game for the sport and competition like it was back in the day – money doesn’t play a part in my music, you can’t place a price on passion and dedication. So of course there is the braggadocios side to Hip Hop too, which I may touch on to show who’s boss when its dog eat dog”

stated Oliver Truffe who has released 2 projects: his debut mixtape, ‘Ravenous‘, in 2014, and the first in his current mixtape series, ‘Truffe Serum: 1st Dosage‘ in 2016. His 4-track EP, featuring producers from UK, US, Poland and Greece, will drop later this summer, and he is working on the ‘2nd Dosage of Truffe Serum’.

Peep the Endemic Emerald produced joint below!