Snoop Dogg ft. Wiz Khalifa – Kush Ups (Music Video)

The legendary west coast dog-father returns with his first true blue straight Hip Hop album in many years with the upcoming ‘CoolAid’ album dropping in July through his very own Doggy Style Records distributed by Ca$h Machine/SPV across the UK and Europe (The German based label that gave us The Game’s ‘Documentary 2/2.5’ albums).

The first single features Snoop’s ‘nephew’ and ‘puff, puff, pass’ compadre, Wiz Khalifa, and is also a great prelude to their upcoming US ‘The High Road Summer 2016 Tour’ together.

The single was produced by KJ Conteh and contains a sample of ‘I Wanna Rock’ by Luther Campbell aka Luke and the Dan Folger directed video for ‘Kush Ups‘ premiered via Merry Jane, who are also promoting the Snoop/Wiz tour.