Nova Rockafeller ft. Hot Karl – WHO I BE (Music Video)

Equipped with a camera, a Jammypack, and zero consent from the store manager, Nova, as usual, paired aggression and fun by transforming her neighborhood grocery store into a really weird/terrifying dance party in her newest video for ‘WHO I BE’ featuring Hot Karl. Produced by Chest Rockwell, ‘WHO I BE’ is the summer anthem you need. Don’t forget the milk!

Nova makes the kind of music your kid sister listens to in the backseat of her best friend’s car while chugging 40’s she stole from the bodega. She creates a soundtrack for the runaway rebels, the parking lot heroes, the troublemakers, and the weirdos. Her versatility shines in ‘N.O.V.A.‘ as she taps into her 90’s pop princess ego to juxtapose against her silver-tongued lyricism. She’s a ball of true Hip Hop dressed up like the babe who sat behind you in math class–until she dropped out.

‘N.O.V.A.’ features Chuck Inglish, Nocando, Modsun, Hot Karl and Brian Logan Dales.

While Nova knows how to get a party started, there is a visceral honesty behind her lyrics. She was shaped by a life spent scrapping and fighting for what’s hers, hustling her way onto International tours and couch surfing throughout North America before being catapulted to Los Angeles via a record deal with a major label. Instead of shell shock, she adapted to her new surroundings while managing to maintain her street-punk style and attitude which continues to shine through in her music.