Funky DL – The Jazz Lounge (Album/Audio)

After emerging into the Hip Hop game with his debut album ‘Classic Was The Day’ back in 1997, Funky DL has gone on to become one of the UK’s most prolific artists. With a legendary status touring Japan as a master of Jazz and Hip Hop, DL has independently released a slew of solid albums under his self-run label Washington Classics, Remixing for Missy Elliot and Keith Sweat as well as tour support for Eminem, Destiny’s Child and The Roots.

From sharing the mic with Nas and Pete Rock in live radio freestyle sessions to reworking entire albums such as Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back To Black’ and Nas’ catalogue, DL has proven he is as capable on the boards as he is on the mic. His music collaborations with the Late Nujabes are highly revered worldwide and his self-owned audio inventory is a huge library reflecting the work ethic he has carried over so many years.

Back on his modus operandi of Jazz infested flavors, Funky DL treats his fans with his new release ‘The Jazz Lounge’, an album of fresh remixes of some of his beloved classics. ‘The Jazz Lounge’ in many places strips down the beats to a lounge style swing as Funky DL serenades the microphone with his smooth rhymes and effortless flow.

The album tickles the ears in the form of a DJ mix, with each track blending seamlessly into the next. This is the kind of album that true appreciators of Jazz and Hip Hop will really enjoy and replay over and over; a


listen indeed!