Dom Jones – Blackbird EP (Prod. by Harris The KnowItAll/Audio)

Inspired by Nina Simone, ‘Blackbird’ explores how experiencing personal pain and embracing the strength of femininity can be the catalyst to radical transformation of self, and eventually, society.

The protagonist is critical of herself, yet also keenly aware of the social and institutional barriers that have led to her current state. Reflections on this give her time to re-calibrate and to find purpose in her struggles. She uses these lessons to catapult her ascent. A spoken word project with a Hip Hop influence, ‘Blackbird’ uniquely uses words and sounds to convey a story.

Dom Jones is the Founder and Principal Artist of Dom Empire™, as well as the Executive Producer of ‘Blackbird’. Harris The KnowItAll provided the soundscape for the musical element of ‘Blackbird’. He has collaborated with Dom in the past on her debut album ‘Wingspan’, and on her song ‘PURE’, which won the ‘Songs 4 Social Change’ Songwriting Competition at Berklee College of Music this year.