Mic Righteous ft. Tone – Survivor (Music Video) + Dreamland (Album Pre-Order)

Mic Righteous has released the pre-order link and revealed the track list for his long awaited 18-track debut album ‘Dreamland‘, but in true Rocky style he dropped his third ‘Fire In The Booth’ freestyle on BBC Radio 1 with DJ Charlie Sloth to go with it.

The freestyles have always been a call for action, a call for change and an opportunity for him to educate his fan base on global injustice and social development. In Part One Mic screamed out ‘Free Palestine’ to two million people collectively. In Part Two he spoke about the war in Syria to over a million viewers and in Part Three… well we won’t spoil it for you, check it out.

Mic then announced his debut album ‘Dreamland’ with the single ‘Survivor’. ‘Dreamland’ is metaphorically a reflection of society in the U.K. It’s familiar for being a famous theme park in Margate that used to have thousands of people travel to it and ensured the seaside was a thriving town and holiday resort for people all over the country. Like all good things, it came to and end. People stopped going to Margate which lead to Mic’s home town being largely boarded up, people not being able to get jobs and the area becoming a far from pleasant place to live.

“‘Dreamland’ is my proudest work to date and a collection of stories I wrote based on personal experiences throughout my life from 2005 until now. I put years of my life into this to make it stand the test of time and I hope it reaches you and you can be part of my story” – Mic Righteous.

‘Survivor’ is the first single taken from the album and was premiered by Mistajam to announce its release.

(Expected Release: 28th October 2016)
1. Gone
2. Survivor (Feat. Tone)
3. 2005
4. His Story
5. I Turn Up!
6. The Kids
7. Tables
8. All Dressed Up (Feat Tom Prior)
9. 4 Lines Deep (Feat. My Baby Mum)
10. Peak Levels (Feat. Tone)
11. Penny
12. Intellectuals Unite
13. Be There (Feat. Tone)
14. Adamant
15. Head F*ck
16. Heart with No Beat (Feat. Danae)
17. Tempo of the Dance
18. Future