Jack Light – Cramp Your Style (Audio)

Hertfordshire, Kent based emcee Jack Light is back on the scene after a short break with his new offering the self produced ‘Cramp Your Style’ a classic Hip Hop sounding banger! Jack had this to say about whats been going on…

“So I’ve finally uploaded some new original music!! It’s been a pretty fun few years for me. I never thought I would end up going to university. When I finished college I was pretty optimistic about my future, I felt like I just wanted to relax and experience life. However going to study higher education gave me the opportunity to learn and keep growing as a person in a new environment around new people, who I now consider life long friends.

This is a track I’ve been working on for the past few years. I’ve been tossing and turning whether to release it as I’ve always felt I’ve been saving it for something special. Countless conversations with my parents about getting my music out there, all night studio sessions working on new music, I just feel more content and proud of my music now more than ever. Enjoy this track, I aim to continue uploading everything I’ve selfishly been hoarding and holding back on over the past few years” – Jack Light.