Knightstalker & Le First ft. Damion Davis & MeStOne – Dans L’ombre de la Nuit (Prod. by Romeo/Audio)

Knightstalker and Le First are proud to release their upcoming collaboration album ‘Foreigners‘. The 12-song effort includes the video singles ‘Impressions’, ‘Lueur d’Espoir’ and ‘Invisible Trap’ as well as guest appearances by critically acclaimed German rappers like Damion Davis, Greckoe, Furious and many more.

With Knightstalker and Le First rapping in English and French respectively, this album is already a bilingual effort but the numerous guests add even more international flavor by performing verses in German, Russian and Polish.

The fact that both Knightstalker and Le First, although being born and bred in Berlin/Germany, perform in foreign languages is one of the reasons for the album’s title ‘Foreigners’. Despite commenting on their status within the German rap scene the two lyricists also tackle personal topics as well as recent political and social issues that are not just local but global issues.

Production on the album comes from an assortment of international beatmakers hailing from Germany, France, Switzerland and Luxembourg, who have all been producing songs for either Knightstalker or Le First for years.

The tri-lingual banger (English, French & German) is called ‘Dans l’ombre de la nuit’ which translates into ‘In the shadow of the night’ and captures the gritty nightlife within the urban environment from a Hip Hop perspective.

Knightstalker & Le First are supported by critically acclaimed German veteran Damion Davis as well as fellow Berlin representer MeStOne with all four emcees going back and forth on the microphone over a chilling production by longtime collaborator Romeo.