Buxaburn – Matches (Album/Audio/iTunes) + New Age (Promo Music Video)

Back with his second album in 2 years, the seasoned Artist of an MC from Santa Ana, CA makes yet another highly impressive return to the Hip Hop Landscape, with the New LP: Buxaburn ‘Matches‘ produced by A-RusH.

Once again, with multiple styles, Buxaburn implements the disciplines of Original Hip Hop all the way down to the roots of Ragamuffin. That said, this Project is not just another flashback to the Golden Era, oh no, ‘Matches’ is a Full Length Album, with 10 featured guests, like the Legendary Easy Mo Bee, that pushes the Boom Bap/Golden Era, not just into the present, but well into the future. Buxaburn along with the aggressive, yet melodious hard-driven rhythms of Producer A-RusH, manages to keep a unique balance of tradition, while being fully tapped into the sound and momentum of the ‘New Age’.

The first Visual Release is a Promotion Video entitled: Buxaburn ‘New Age’ Prod. by A-RusH. Here you see Buxaburn going in, in his element, on the mic, in studio, surrounded by the inspiration of other Great Artist alike. On this track, you can catch Buxaburn tackling issues like: Social Awareness, Division thru Media, Leadership and Karma. All this is done over one of the many, of Producer A-RusH’s talented creations, totaling out to be 12 sure fire productions!

Have a listen and a view, and take in the true culture, brought to you by: Buxaburn ‘Matches’ Produced by A-RusH.