KiD TeF – Feel Good (Audio/Free Download)

KiD TeF …The desolate one…the self proclaimed sadomasochistic sex symbol was born and raised in Detroit, MI. Discovered by Verbal Vomit messiahs Nolan the Ninja and Chavis Chandler in the latter part of 2012, TeF has exploded on the underground Detroit Hip Hop scene and has not looked back since.

His explosive delivery and clever word play has captivated the likes of Detroit’s elite artists. Most known for his ‘Bad Boy’ track, a tribute to the late Christopher Wallace in which he compares the similarities between him self and The Notorious B.I.G. but KiD TeF has also created an underground series of positive showcases WITHOUT VIOLENCE called #KiDTeFsHipHopArcade which have had performers such as Danny Brown’s, Bruiser Brigade captain DopeHead, but also the likes of Chavis Chandler and CrackKillz Da God.

TeF’s music has been received as raw and gritty. Collaborating not only with premier musical artists such as Early Mac’s protege, Prada Leary but local film directors and fashion designers alike.

KiD TeF has just struck a deal with Detroit based indie label Nebula Records and has released his latest single ‘Feel Good‘. The song has a Detroit influenced song with a concept that will have you continuing to party all night long.