Liana Bank$ – Plead The Fifth (Audio/Free Download)

In anticipation of her upcoming release ‘Insubordinate’ (dropping 28/10), Liana Bank$ just premiered her new song ‘Plead The Fifth’ on The FADER – After leaking out a string of much buzzed about singles, ‘Plead The Fifth’, cuts through as one of Liana’s best releases yet. The song is an ode to wild nights left without evidence or proof, all over top an ambient track and memorable chopped up vocals.

“Ever had one of those nights where you got really, really reckless… but was too gone to position your face into the dog filter on Snapchat and document it? Ever wake up like, ‘How the hell did I get on this boat, and why am I wearing pink pajamas?’ Lol, then this song is dedicated to your wild a$$” – Liana Bank$.