Liana Banks – Benji (Prod. by Synematik/Audio/Free Download)

Liana Bank$ debut project ‘Insubordinate’ is set to release in just a few days, so she decided to premiere her undeniably infectious anthem, ‘Benji’ on Paper Magazine.

Easily the biggest song Liana has leaked thus far, ‘Benji’ is a high octane banger, complete with colorful harmonies and a tempo that wont allow you to keep still. All to pay homage to the $100 dollar bill and for the love of money!

“I only want him if he green, I only want him if he old, if he fold & he born on January 17th” – “Benji’s just the sweetest thing. He’s a bit older & doesn’t say much but he buys me whatever I like. We plan to wed next spring”.