Stash ft. Ricky Ramsey – Kagune BLVD (Music Video)

Stash is a 24 year old rapper and songwriter from Stonebridge, north-west London. Unorthodox and intelligent in production style and wordplay, Stash treats his music like a personal diary.

Taken from his upcoming EP ‘Shine’ – out at the end of the year, Stash’s second offering is another brooding, hypnotic mix of inventive soundscapes and vivid wordplay that marks him out as one of the more intriguing, left-field rappers coming out of London right now.

Directed by Kaizen, it features and is produced by Ricky Ramsey. The severely impressive production levels point the way towards the ambition and scope of creativity going on in Stash’s artistic collective TOORARETODIE.

Swirling and expansive, ‘Kagune’ is another street banger in terms of its icy bassline and flow, but its fluid chorus and heavy production makes Stash and his TOORARETODIE collective an interesting standout in the current scene. An exciting, visual story-telling, alternative voice.