Paragon ft. DDark – 2 BAD (Audio)

With more hooks than a boxing match, ‘2 Bad’ is the addictive Grime-House anthem poised to become a Winter smash!

The perfect ending to grime’s biggest year of commercial success yet, super-hot London rapper DDark comes together with house production duo Paragon to deliver an infectious, turbo-charged banger.

Knowing they had landed on something special musically, newcomers Paragon enlisted the vocal of one of the hottest names in the game DDark, who had just notched up 3 million Spotify streams on his latest cut.

“It’s relentless, it gets your head cranking, it gets people ramped up. DDark smashed the vocal out at 3AM and we were jumping around in the studio. His vocal is off the chart”  Paragon.

“Lyric-wise it’s about being confident and cool with your own persona, believing in who are and not caring what anyone else thinks. If someone doesn’t agree with you that’s ‘2 Bad’ because you’re gonna stick to your guns. Nothing will get in your way because you’re just too bad…Bad, wicked, sick – that kind of way”  DDark.