MC Bravado ft. Eze Jackson – Enough’s Enough (Audio/Free Download)

Rapper/English Teacher MC Bravado recruits one of Baltimore’s dopest and most respected voices, Eze Jackson, for ‘Enough’s Enough’, a vitriolic battle cry for ‘the other 99%’.

One of MC B’s earliest influences as an artist was Nonphixion, and it shouldn’t take a seasoned ear long to deduce Brav is echoing their sentiments with his own voice of dissent. The song was produced by Militant Marxman, MC Bravado’s Cypher Junkies brethren; it features cuts by DJ MooseJaw.

‘Enough’s Enough’ is more than likely the last ‘loosie’ the Baltimore soothsayer drops prior to the roll out for his upcoming album: Hip-Hop*. ‘Asterisk’ features work from Nitty Scott MC, OnCue, J57, KONCEPT, DeeJay Element, EP of the Doppelgangaz, Teddy Roxpin, Real Deal, and more; expect it this winter.