Rohn Bueller – Forever (Prod. by Nascent/Audio)

Rohn Bueller is a Hip Hop artist and writer from South Jersey. A captivating, towering force of energy with a rare blend of seductive rhythmic hooks and fierce transcending wordplay. He continually pushes himself musically, taking new steps into new directions in his career.

‘Forever’ by Rohn Bueller is a call to arms to oneself to re-establish his place in this game. With everything mainstream going on it was important to remind the Hip Hop culture that there is still a heart in Hip Hop. Getting his hands on this beat that hit a chord in his heart and then unleashing it on the track.

Everyone goes through a time where they need to be reminded of their abilities and how important it is to see them through. With slick wordplay and a catchy hook, he raps about staying focused on his goals and restoring a love that was almost lost.