ShayJToday – Ghetto Geppetto (Music Video)

In an era where rappers live fabricated lifestyles to appease those who are far more concerned with swag, West Palm Beach rapper ShayJToday, is a breath of fresh air. Beginning his journey in hip-hop at the young age of 11, ShayJToday first found his love for rap music. During the early stages of his artistic development, ShayJToday was heavily influenced by southern rap, taking notes from notable rappers from the south.

It was not until ShayJToday reached the age of 17 that he started to take his music seriously. From there met his mentor/producer Meni Faces through a childhood friend. Meni Faces began to expand Shay J’s mind beyond the south and introduced him to the music of Pharcyde, J Dilla, Slum Village including other artists from different regions which became the grounds to his style. Now with a few projects under his belt, and ShayJToday has shared stages with the likes of Common, Kid Cudi and Inspectah Deck of the Wu-Tang Clan. With many years ahead of him, ShayJToday hopes to be one of Hip Hop’s elite artists.

Hailing from Riviera Beach FL, ShayJToday, is a breath of fresh air. His song ‘Ghetto Geppetto’, reveals stories of facing adversity while chasing dreams over smooth breakbeats. This is ShayJToday’s first single from his forthcoming Album, ‘val{you}.’ dropping 2017.