Davinche, CapoLee, Mic Ty, Jammz - Nah Blud (Music Video) Taken Off: #POWERS (A Collaborative Album/20/01/17)

#POWERS ft. P Money, Ghetts, Jammz, Tre Mission, Capo Lee, Scorcher & More (A Collaborative Album/20/01/17)

Today marks the announcement of #POWERS, a collaborative project from super producers Davinche and Tasha Demi. #POWERS is set for a January 20th 2017 release date.

The album features the likes of P Money, Ghetts, Jammz, Tre Mission, Capo Lee, Scorcher, Elf Kid, Young T & Bugsey, Sam Sure and many more, who all came together to be a part of this exciting album project. #POWERS fuses together the sound of the UK and certainly the only place you would see a line up of this calibre joining forces from legends in the game to the hottest acts to come. Released independently, the entire body of work was recorded in two weeks with each studio day featuring a different line up of artists from up and down the country (London, Birmingham, Nottingham etc) creating a brand new track. With elements of grime, immersed in Trap, Hip-Hop and R&B, #POWERS is intended to take you on a musical journey from start to finish.

“I had a strong vision for this album. Making sure we push the limits of what is considered grime, whilst getting the best out of the artists, in a short space of time was going to be the real challenge. The artists are mad talented and made that much easier for me” –  says Davinche.

“Putting this album together was definitely an intense experience! There was something really exciting about the challenge of making an album in the space of 2 weeks and getting 32 artists involved. From legends in the scene, to the sick new talent coming through, Seeing everyone in their creative zone in the studio, and having them genuinely excited about the project was amazing” – recalls Tasha Demi.

Over the last few years Davinche & Tasha Demi have worked together on various projects including Davinche’s own releases such as the ‘M1’ EP with ‘Mez, the VinchOnacci’ EP’s and the development of artists. Their working relationship started off super organically with friends just as helping each other out, and then after realizing the powers they have between them, they decided to make it official and work together properly. And then, #POWERS was born…

***2 Weeks – 1 Producer – 32 Artists***
P money, Ghetts, Jammz, TreM, Capo Lee, Scorcher, Elf Kid, Young T & Bugsey, Sam Sure and many more…

Release date: 20/01/17