Ciphurphace ft. Selena Rivers – Same Old Flows (Audio/Free Download)

Imagine Confucius and Shakespeare in the recording booth reciting ill 16’s after consuming four Red Bulls.To truly comprehend this artist’s style and to put this into a ‘Hip Hop’ perspective, visualize the old school braggadocio of Big Daddy Kane, the witty punchlines of Lord Finesse and the infectious enthusiasm of Redman. Add a touch of Kool Keith’s ludicrous creativity with Chino XL’s fierce delivery and you have a bona fide MC named Ciphurphace aka

“The Asian Pierce Brosnan With A Beard Problem”.

New Jersey based, Arizona raised artist who hails originally from the city of Tucson aka ‘The Soul Pueblo’ labels himself as a W.R.I.T.E.R. (Working Realist Illustrating The Everyday Rituals).

“If my music had to be classified, it would fall in a category called 100% pure Hip Hop laced with Raw Energy And Life,” Ciphurphace says with heartfelt conviction.

Ciphurphace releases a new exclusive track called ‘Same Old Flows‘ which is a remake of Selena Gomez’s chart-topping ‘Same Old Love’ – this track features Phaced God’s 8 year old daughter Sela Eunae aka Selena Rivers.