Camp Lo - Sparkle (Teck-Zilla Remix/Audio)

Camp Lo – Sparkle (Teck-Zilla Remix/Audio)

Teck-Zilla remixes Camp Lo’ SPARKLE taken from his debut album UPTOWN SATURDAY NIGHT

It’s only fitting that Camp Lo’s classic debut, ‘Uptown Saturday Night‘, would celebrate it’s 20th anniversary on a Saturday (Jan. 28th). And to pay homage to one of the album’s standout tracks, producer Teck-Zilla shares his jazzy and smooth remix of ‘Sparkle’.

As it appears on the album, the track glides by with an effortless swagger thanks to the playful rhymes of Bronx duo Geechi Suede and Sonny Cheeba, and the loungy production of Ski Beatz. And in the hands of the Nigerian-born, Montreal-based Teck-Zilla, the track is still super-chill and ideal for a smoked-out jazz club. You know, kind of like the one depicted on the cover of ‘Uptown Saturday Night’.

That is, of course, if the venue has a section for dancing and moving about, because Teck’s remix has a definite swing to it. His beat also injects some new sounds into listening experience, including some infectious horn stabs. And if you’re feeling his work on here, be sure to check out the producer’s latest projects; like last year’s Jackson 5 tribute, ‘Joe Jackson Kids‘, and his record with rapper Allen Poe, ‘Lightbulb Over My Head While I’m Thinking‘.