Steady Rock & Oliver Sudden - Preservatives (Album/Audio/Free Download)

Steady Rock & Oliver Sudden – Preservatives LP (Audio/Free Download)

Steady & Oliver Sudden are back at it again! Grab the PRESERVATIVES LP now on limited run cassette tape and on free digital download

This album was supposed to drop a couple of years back but the pair became embroiled in a lengthy, violent legal battle after the Bad Boy and Low Life Records collaboration record deal fell through. Steady had a mental breakdown and refused to continue using drum machines; instead insisting on making purely sample free Casio keyboard beats and Oliver Sudden did a short bid on gun charges.

What resulted is a raw, grimy and unadulterated album. When the world was expecting the sequin suits and choreographed dance moves after the smash success of ‘The Shutdown’ projects they went left and produced an even dirtier, dusty and gritty project instead.

They have previously also collaborated on Prose’s ‘Dark Side of the Boom’, KTN’s ‘Kill The Noise’ and Oliver Sudden’s – ‘Phenomenaler Steez’ as well as many other things behind the scenes as label mates.

The album features Cracker Jon, Hex One (of Epidemic), eMCee Killa, Gee Bag, Phonix, Breezy Lee and DJ Al Mighty.

Limited Edition Cassette  £7.99