Cyclonious - STFU (Prod. by Chairman Maf/Music Video)

Cyclonious – STFU (Prod. by Chairman Maf/Music Video)

The ‘Natural Disaster’ Cyclonious, is back and he is releasing his first single STFU taken from the dynamic album THE REVIVAL

This time he teams up with his trusty side kick, The Chairman Maf. Magical things often happen when these two come together to make music and this first single is uncanny and should never be overlooked!

‘STFU’, kicks open the listening public’s door and establishes the arrival of this hip hop vortex. ‘STFU‘ adds fuel to every hip hoppers dream of hard beats and lyricism. ‘Im handing out free stays for you brehs in the morgue, 80 days around the world massacre Phileas fog’ taken from part of the first verse is just a tip of the iceberg from the glacier lyricism displayed on this Hip Hop journey.

This is a elevated spearhead for those already aware of this movement but also a meaningful yet entertaining introduction to all new comers. May the perception be unapologetic.