No Suits ft. Abhi the Nomad - I'm Good (Audio/Free Download)

No Suits ft. Abhi the Nomad – I’m Good (Audio/Free Download)

Fresh off their upcoming EP, No Suits drop a new single I’M FINE, featuring Abhi The Nomad

If you’re looking for the perfect track to cruise down the streets this summer, look no further than the latest from No Suits, a group that’s bringing listeners everything they need and more with their latest song ‘I’m Good’.

The track is perfect for those hot afternoons with the top down coming up, and we can basically feel the palm trees and summer air embedded into the framework of the song.


ABOUT NO SUITS: Pierro told Sanghvi shortly into their friendship,

“When we grow up, we gotta be entrepreneurs and never wear a suit to work”.

That single statement grew into a philosophy and continued to spread to this day, and hence became the label of their music group they began in 2014.

Pierro and Sanghvi forged ahead to release their first single, a remix of ODESZA’s ‘Say My Name’. Shortly after they recruited drummer/bassist Ed Hill who was taking college classes with Pierro and had a similar passion for early Hip Hop and shared the no suit’s philosophy. The trio went on to release a slew of hit singles namely ‘Strawberry Wine’ featuring Aubren Elaine and Matt Capone, ‘Escape Reality’ featuring Aubren Elaine, and a remix of Major Lazer’s ‘Be Together’ featuring Wild Belle.

Proceeding to execute their vision to push the boundaries of modern electronic sound and in anticipation for their ‘Virgin’ EP in early 2017, the group then brought on guitarist, Reed Hallums, who also took classes with Ed and Pierro, bonded over Tame Impala, and shared the group’s philosophy. The band is now crafting a character taking influence from the tones of Daft Punk as well as inspiration from vintage heroes like Jimi Hendrix. They like to classify themselves as ‘The new guys who like the old shit’.

no suits is about not being a cog in a machine, not making the same music everyone else does, and of course, not wearing suits. They will continue to spread this philosophy with their music and beyond.