Sons of Silverton - You Know Them As (Prod. by Prospek/Audio)

Sons of Silverton – You Know Them As (Prod. by Prospek/Audio/Free Download)

Cincinnati’s Sons of Silverton and New Orleans producer Prospek have teamed up for their project OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE, due to drop on May 5th

Below you can hear the projects first single ‘You Know Them As’ via the groups Soundcloud. Kyle David and CITOAK trade bars on the track, speaking about the usual suspects that cross our path from time to time. There is a neighborhood tucked away in the eastern hills of Cincinnati called Silverton where two local Hip Hop heavyweights hail. CITOAK and Kyle David may have emerged from separate rap clans as they rose through the proverbial ranks (Watusi Tribe, Five Deez), but fate within the Queen City is always but a sliver away and eventually brought the two lyrical forces together to form the appropriately named Sons of Silverton.

Now officially together as the Sons of Silverton, the duo has created their debut crown jewel, Or Forever Hold Your Peace. The full-length LP expected to drop in May 2017, highlights the personal and lyrical chemistry the two men share as rappers and as friends. Their complimentary styles blend seamlessly over the polished and steely beats of acclaimed New Orleans producer Prospek. Wisdom, reality and though-provoking word play drips from every track on the album as the thumping kicks and ethereal musical tones of the beats combine to reside in the mind of the listener from the moment it’s first heard.

Veteran contributing artists like Cincinnati rapper great Piakhan, jazz pianist Josh Jessen, bassist Jake Hellman (the Quiet Hollers), guitarist Chris Pennington (The Cliftones) and singer Dion Jenkins (The Game, Hi-Tek) raise the production value to even higher heights and perfect the intended goal of a renown and cohesive masterpiece.

The first bite of this Hip Hop delicacy comes in the form of the single ‘You Know Them As’, where those with a pallet for such exquisite and refined tastes will surely soon salivate for more. Luckily for them and for the rest of us, the full array will be soon served on a silver platter, delighting ears, nodding heads and permanently marking the Sons of Silverton has a landmark in Cincinnati Hip Hop legend.