Jimmy ValenTime - Trump (You're Trash) (Audio/Free Download)

Jimmy ValenTime – Trump (You’re Trash) (Audio/Free Download)

TRUMP (YOU’RE TRASH) is the latest single by Bronx, NY emcee based Jimmy ValenTime

Produced by Newo Tha Kid ( Max B, Cory Gunz) and engineered by Otis Clapp (Kemba), the track was premiered by Hip Hop magazine ‘Respect’.The song was inspired by Jimmy Valentime attending The Women’s March in January.

Jimmy says, “I started working on the song that night, I wanted to give people something that was loud and full of energy, I was inspired by Public Enemy”.

The tracks heavy guitar and bass sounds like a Rick Rubin production. When asked why he wanted to release the single now, instead of during inauguration or the election cycle,

“I know people are going to protest Trump throughout the spring and the summer with his actions in Syria and Afghanistan, we need to keep putting pressure on him” When asked to clarify his position on Trump, Jimmy says pensively, “I view Trump as a villain without nuance, it’s not that he has some flawed ideology or some belief that I don’t think is compatible to mines. I think he is a man who is selfish, who only does what he feels will serve him in the moment. It’s why I call him trash on the track, because that’s what he is, morally and ethically”.